About us

Mission Statement

Western Container is a packaging company dedicated to maximizing value to our Coca-Cola Bottler Shareholders.

We are committed to providing:

  • Lowest cost
  • Highest quality and service
  • Assurance of supply

The Mission Statement is very straight-forward.  It gives us clear direction and purpose for why we are in business and the goals we must accomplish to be successful. 

We have also establised a clear set of CORE VALUES for all Western Container members which provides essential guidelines for how we carry out our daily responsibilities:

Integrity - I will do the right thing, whether observed or not, in spite of pressures to compromise. I am dedicated to keeping my commitments and I will always behave in a manner that demonstrates the highest ethical principles. 

Personal Responsibility  - I am committed to excellence. I value the privilege of making my own choices. I am solely responsible for those choices and will accept the outcomes resulting from them.

Professional Behavior - I will pursue the highest standard of character, attitude, competency, and conduct. I will work daily to maintain positive working relationships and will encourage others to do the same.

Mutual Respect - Everyone deserves to be respected. I will respect you and your property in a manner that clearly demonstrates that I recognize and appreciate you. I will expect you to treat me and others in the same way.

These principles define who we are as individuals and as an organization.


Western Container Corporation